“New Zealand Drug Foundation research has found that half of the drivers killed on New Zealand roads are impaired by alcohol, other drugs or both.”

“In 2022/23, the highest prevalence of hazardous drinking was among those aged 18–24 years, at 23.8%.”

“Ministry of Transport statistics show alcohol and drugs contributed to 70% of Northland fatalities in 2020 and 60% in 2021.”

Advance Diagnostics is committed to helping you create a safe, healthy and productive environment by supplying simple and innovative drug, alcohol and wellness testing equipment for your workplace.

Our team are passionate about the health and safety of New Zealand work places. Whether you work in mining, transport, forestry, nursing, recruitment, or any other safety-sensitive environment, we aim to make health and safety compliance an achievable and cost-effective part of every workplace.

We provide a comprehensive range of leading diagnostic equipment to suit a wide range of testing and screening requirements.

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Truck Driver blows 7 times road side limit in Auckland Rush Hour

Everyone metabolises differently and how does the number of standard drinks will affect one afterwards is not an easy answer. A truck driver who scraped the wall of Auckland’s Waterview Tunnel multiple times while transporting a car during peak hour was allegedly more than seven times the legal alcohol limit, police said. Click here for […]
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Social Harm from Alcohol almost 7.8 Billion, 21.5 Times greater than Meth

Workplaces must take action to address alcohol use, given the significant social cost of approximately $8 billion. While monthly alcohol testing is a start, it may not be enough to deter alcohol use. Call us to see how we can help further strengthen ways to proactively and efficiently screen for alcohol in your workplace. The […]
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