Alcolizer LE5

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Created for extensive use by Law Enforcement agencies throughout the world, the Alcolizer LE5 has developed into a fast, reliable and accurate Alcohol Breath Testing Unit that is applied in sophisticated and heavy use industrial applications.


  • Premium performance alcohol tester
  • Easy module exchange calibration for zero unit downtime
  • Bluetooth connectivity & GPS
  • AS3547:2019 and USA Dept. of Transport Certified
  • Trusted by global law enforcement, federal agencies and industry
  • Multi-function capability (Active Mode and Passive Mode)
  • Highly responsive Police grade electrochemical fuel cell
  • Data download capability (10,000 logs)
  • Instant zero test recovery
  • Multi-language capability
  • 24 month warranty

Delivery Details

Delivered by signature required courier in a durable outer shipper carton with professional labelling.