First Suppliers of Certified to AS3547:2019 Breathalysers in New Zealand

Advance Diagnostics is proud to advise they are the first suppliers of breathalysers that comply to the Australian Standard AS3547:2019 Breath Alcohol Testing Devices.

The Alcolizer LE5, Alcolizer HH4 and Alcolizer HH3 Alcohol Testers are now certified as compliant to the Australian Standard AS3547:2019.

The SAI Global certificate showing compliance is available to download off the SAI Global website here: SF01.AS122946.SMK02334.4.pdf

The latest Australian Standard AS3547:2019 is a step up in the performance, durability and operational use of breathalyzers to ensure all Australian workplaces can have the best possible devices to protect them and their employees.

The new Australian Standard has increased drift performance, changed units of measure which now align with Australian Police and higher demands for robustness and reliability.

Not all companies will be able to meet these requirements. Alcolizer devices do! And they passed with flying colours.

Alcolizer hand-held breathalysers are manufactured and assembled in Australia, we are proud of this fact and rightly have ensured we are first to supply this new Australian Standard devices in NZ.

  • Standards mean better value for all customers and a level playing field for all manufacturers.
  • Standards mean customers can be confident they are buying products of comparable performance, accuracy and durability.
  • Standards ensure the quality and consistency of products and services, giving businesses and consumers greater peace of mind.
  • Standards benefit the economy, improve health and safety, protect our natural resources and improve quality of life.
  • Purchasing products that comply to an Australian Standard is what we should all work towards to support our community and our economy.

You can be confident that the information we provide is clear, honest, accurate and factual. Alcolizer is a brand that is trusted always, and we will always support customers to provide them the ability to make informed decisions.

We guarantee all Alcolizer LE5, Alcolizer HH4 or Alcolizer HH3 devices purchased after the 1st September 2020 will be certified to the NEW Australian Standard AS3547:2019

Alcolizer LE5, HH4 and HH3 purchased prior to this date , can be compliant to the Australian Standard AS3547:2019, after completion of an ‘AS3547:2019 Upgrade’, please contact us to discuss upgrade options.

As an ongoing commitment to our loyal customers Advance Diagnostics  will continue to provide Calibration services and Certificates for all previously sold Alcolizer HH3, HH4 and LE5 devices even if you choose not to upgrade to the latest Australian Standard.

Alcolizer has been making breath testing devices for many years now and Alcolizer HH1 and HH2 devices, although still robust, are nearing end of life. New parts are no longer manufactured or readily available and many of these devices are over 10 years old. The Alcolizer HH1 and Alcolizer HH2 devices will not be able to meet the requirements of AS3547:2019 and the unit of measure is unable to be changed to grams/210L of breath.

Alcolizer HH1 and HH2 devices will no longer be accepted for calibration and service as of 1st January 2021.

Alcolizer LE5 HH4 and HH3 devices offer significant operational and feature benefits over the HH1 and HH2 a will assist in faster, more accurate and more efficient alcohol testing in you workplace. If you wish to upgrade your older device to one of our new range speak to Advance Diagnostics Representative to learn more about the Alcolizer upgrade program.

The Wall Mount 4 and Centurion Zero Tolerance devices being sold will be serviceable well into the future and we will continue to provide calibration services and certificates for all devices we sell.

The Alcolizer LE3 and LE4 series and Alcolizer Wall Mount 3 devices will not be able to meet the requirements of AS3547:2019.

Advance Diagnostics will continue to service and support Alcolizer LE3, LE4 and Wall Mount 3 devices as long as parts remain readily available and Alcolizer Technology will continue to provide a calibration certificate for these devices.