Workplace Training Options

Advance Diagnostics provides a range of different training options to assist you and your company in creating a healthier and safer environment. Our trainers draw on their many years of experience teaching people from diverse backgrounds, they work with many different sized businesses in a variety of industries to educate and assist around the issues of alcohol and drugs in the workplace and consistently receive very high feedback on their services.


The courses we offer include:  


Workplace Drug Testing Training

This addresses the required procedures for the collection of urine, on-site screening, handling and dispatching of specimens to the laboratory for screening and confirmatory tests.


Managers’ Awareness Training

This delivers a general company induction on drug and alcohol awareness which can be delivered company-wide or to key stakeholders such as managers, supervisors or CEOs. This package is ideal for company’s rolling out a new AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) policy and procedure, or to refresh an existing policy.


Personalised Courses To Support Your D&A Policy

As Advance Diagnostics has extensive experience creating and running personalised courses tailored to our clients’ needs, this course can offer a general training on Alcohol and Drugs in workplace, awareness, symptoms and effects. Our trainers have assisted many companies in New Zealand to meet their individual needs and bring a wealth of knowledge to each client.


User Familiarisation Training

This training course gives new consumers a general knowledge of how to use drug and alcohol safety tools. It covers the testing concepts involved with our drugs and alcohol breath testing products as well as the common dos and don’ts of testing. Participants will be taken through consumables required, how the product fits into a testing process and how best to maintain the devices. This course also covers how to use specific drug and breath testing products.


Please contact our friendly team to see which course best suits your needs.